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Swimming pool ozone generators

Create a safe environment for your family to swim in and achieve gin clear water in your pool!

Ozone reverts back to oxygen within a short space of time but whilst it is in it's state of oxidization it kills viruses and bacteria 3000 - 3500 times faster than chlorine.

Chlorine has recently been proven to cause cancer and considering that a person's body can absorb up to 0,5L of water per hour in a pool, it makes plenty of sense to invest in a swimming pool ozone generator.  
A properly ozonated swimming pool will require very little or no chlorine. This ultimately means that the pool water can be backwashed into the garden without causing any damage to the environment or your garden and/or soil.
We sell and install only the best quality ozone generators and offer 100% manufacturer's warranties. Our suppliers are based in South Africa and the units are manufactured and assembled in their factories which means repairs and servicing are done by specialists and this usually within 1 - 3 days.
We at Ozone Generation pride ourselves in being specialists in the ozone industry and we offer only the best quality products and service.

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